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‘Creating Opportunities’

Spring 2023

Goldilocks Pantomime

Our first day back in Spring term was full of pantomime fun! Goldilocks and the three bears took us on an exciting adventure to the circus. There were songs, fancy costumes, joining in with “He’s behind you!” and lots of laughter, what a fun start to the New Year!

Our topic launch

We launched our topic, ‘Celebrate!’ with a Year One party. We put on our smart clothes and went to the hall for fun party games and dancing followed by delicious food and drink. We then watched the New Year’s Eve countdown to midnight on Big Ben and were mesmerised by the fireworks. We rounded the party off by singing Auld Lang Syne and holding hands in a circle. We had a brilliant time!

New Years Eve Party Launch

Maths Games Workshop

Thank you so much to all the parents who attended our Maths Games Workshops. We really appreciated your time and help. We practised counting, adding, subtracting, taking turns and much more! There were lots of smiles and happy voices, both children and adults alike!

Don’t miss out and sign up to one to see for yourself, the next one is 31st March.

Science Trip

Year One had a superb day out at the Science Museum, London. We travelled by coach and impressed our teachers and drivers with our good behaviour and polite manners.

At the museum we explored the ‘Garden’; here we investigated floating and sinking in the water trays with boats and other equipment. We explored forces when we  used the pulley to transport bricks and built in the construction area. We used the puppets and experimented with light and sound.

We enjoyed our packed lunches together and talked about what we had learnt so far. We also visited the Space exhibition;  this reminded us of our topic ‘Here come the aliens’ and learning about famous people such as Neil Armstrong and the landing on the moon.

We visited the Home exhibition and were pleased to recall much of what we had learnt in History in Autumn about technology that we use now and the alternatives from the past.


Maze games

In Computing we created our own maze games with a celebration theme. We first created walls, sky and ground. We then added ‘baddies’ and treasure. We could personalise our games by deciding what the ‘baddies’ could do and how many points or lives could be collected with each treasure piece found. We also changed the appearance of the walls, characters and treasure by selecting them and applying our paint tools from Autumn term.

Maze Games


We thought hard about what most occasions to celebrate would include. We noticed people often decorate when they want to mark a special day so we made bunting to decorate the hall. We decided that when we celebrate we tend to have fun so we played games. Many special times include delicious food that is traditionally always made, so we made sandwiches, carrot cake, flapjack and fruit salad. We tend to celebrate with friends and family so we made sure we were a Year One community partying together.

The United Kingdom

To launch our new topic of the U.K we hosted our own rugby tournament. Each team faced off in some intense games, with the winner being Wales! It was great fun and we showed good sportsmanship. 

The U.K Launch

World Book Day

It gives us a great sense of community when we have themed days. Everyone looked amazing in their      costumes for world book day. Can you name the  characters? Year 1 also enjoyed watching Pink Class’s assembly. What a fantastic performance it was!


World Book Day

What a fantastic launch to science week! A scientist from Sublime Science came to show us lots of incredible science experiments. The whole school had an amazing time.


Raising Money for Charity