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‘Creating Opportunities’

Summer 2023


Traditional Tales Dress up Launch

Investigating materials to make bridges

Visiting the Mosque

Year One each went to visit the Baitul Wahid Mosque. We travelled by bus and as we waited we practised spotting human and physical features of Feltham (something we had been learning about in Geography).

When we arrived we were greeted by the Imam, his wife and the President of the mosque who kindly gave up the time to give us a tour. We entered the mosque and out of respect removed our shoes and placed them on the rack. We sat in the men’s prayer room and saw all the features, including the clocks that reminded them of the times to pray. We noticed the carpet had lines and these were slanted. The President explained this was so those who wanted to pray would face the correct direction, Mecca. We saw the women’s prayer room and found out that although they did not sit together everything was shared on a screen so they could worship together.

We visited the library, saw the Qur’an and then watched a video about the 5 Pillars of Islam.

They kindly gave us a Qur’an for the school and some biscuits and treats which we enjoyed thoroughly! Thank you as always to the parents who accompanied us so that we could go.

Hobbledown Heath

We had a fantastic trip to Hobbledown Heath this term. We loved looking at the different animals. We got to feel a tortoise shell and feed some very friendly goats. What greedy goats they were! It was amazing to see real reindeer and the meerkats were fascinating to watch. What an experience!