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Entrance And Exit Criteria

Entrance and exit criteria


Criteria for Admission


  • Pupils must attend school in Hounslow

  • The placement is for children who are in Reception to Year Two

  • Assessment prior to entry should indicate broad average ability and include a recent report by a speech and language therapist

  • A need for an Early Years or National Curriculum combined with direct speech therapy or language programmes devised by speech and language therapists

  • A need for ongoing assessment from a range of professionals, which can be carried out in an educational setting

  • Evidence to suggest the speech or language delay could be resolved through having a year of intensive small group teaching and speech and language therapy input

  • Any emotional disturbance and disruptive behaviour should be secondary to language delay

  • Evidence that the language delay is across all languages that the child speaks

  • A need for some individualised, structured teaching programmes in a small group setting

  • An expectation that the pupil will be able to manage in a mainstream setting supported by attendance at the workshop

  •  Children should not have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Attending the workshop is aimed as a preventative intervention. 


Attending Cardinal Road Nursery and Infant School does in no way guarantee a place at The Speech and Language Workshop. The workshop is open to all children attending schools across Hounslow.


Exit Criteria


Pupils will attend the Workshop for up to three terms, but may leave earlier if their needs can be met full time in mainstream. They may also be placed in alternative provision if they cannot cope with a dual placement, or if they are not benefiting from the provision at the Workshop.