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Entrance And Exit Criteria

Entrance and exit criteria


Criteria for Admission

A speech and language therapist's assessment is desirable (NHS or independent).

If the child hasn't been seen by a speech and language therapist but the Leeds language screener has been carried out, you should probably refer to the workshop if the expressive or receptive language tests were red.

A child must present with a language difficulty across all languages they speak that requires a year of intensive input and have responded well to support to attend our language groups.

A child must present with a speech sounds difficulty requiring a year of intensive input to attend our speech group.

Children must live in and attend a school in Hounslow and have a GP in Hounslow.

Other issues must be secondary to a speech or language delay.

Evidence that the delay is across all languages a child speaks.

Children cannot attend if they have an EHCP. If they have had a lot of support and have not made much progress this may indicate long term difficulties and so may not be suitable for the workshop.

The workshop is a centre to cater for speech and language difficulties and is not a behaviour / ASD / ADHD etc unit.

There is an expectation that parents / carers will work on their child's targets at home. Resources are provided and homework sent home to work on difficulties. There is also an expectation that a pupil's main school will work on their difficulties too. 

There is an expectation that parents / carers bring their child to us and collect them from us however all children in the KS1 language group are brought to us on transport provided by Hounslow School Travel Assistance and parents / carers have the option to apply for assistance for all other journeys depending on their circumstances.  

Children attending the language groups should have no or very mild speech difficulties.

Children attending the speech group should have no or very mild language difficulties.


To refer a child, we require the following: 

  • our admissions form
  • a checklist
  • a speech and language therapist's report if possible
  • a Leeds language screener if it was carried out
  • an informal language assessment
  • an informal speech assessment
  • a staff questionnaire
  • a writing sample if referring to the KS1 language group


Attending Cardinal Road Nursery and Infant School does in no way guarantee a place at The Speech and Language Workshop. The workshop is open to all children attending schools across Hounslow.


Exit Criteria


Pupils will attend the Workshop for up to three terms, but may leave earlier if their needs can be met full time in mainstream. They may also be placed in alternative provision if they cannot cope with a dual placement, or if they are not benefiting from the provision at the Workshop.