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‘Creating Opportunities’

Autumn 2

Here come the Aliens!!!!!!!

Our topic this term is all about aliens. We launched the topic when we investigated some banging and crashing noises that were coming from the playground. We were all very curious about what it could have been.

We were shocked to find pieces of alien ship in the bushes in the playground. We looked at the camera footage from the playground and saw the ship crash.  We then investigated the parts we found in the bushes.  Some of think the aliens must have come to learn more about our school.

What do you think they might look like?

How do you think they will act?

WOW Aliens Crashed at our School!


What do you know about Diwali?

Year 1 learnt leant that Diwali is the festival of light and that it is a religious festival for Hindus.  We were lucky to have Mrs Seenivassan do an assembly on Diwali. She showed us lots of different items that are used in their celebrations and told us how she celebrates it. 

Art: Scratch Fireworks


Have you noticed the amazing fireworks at night?

They are loud and fabulously colourful. We like seeing the night sky light up with colours. We have been creating some exciting fireworks pictures. We started by using crayons as a background. Then we used black paint to cover the crayons.  The final step was to scratch the paint off to create the shapes of fireworks.

Do you like our work?

Science Experimenting 

In science we have been investigating sand. We posed the question,

What type of sand  will make the best sand castles?

We explored different types of sand to investigate. We tried building sand castles with 

  • wet sand
  • damp sand
  • dry sand

Lots of the children predicted that wet sand would be the best. However we discovered that damp sand was better.

Maths: Addition and Subtraction

We have extended our of learning this term about the operations addition and subtraction. We enjoy using our outside area as much as possible, it keeps as active and means we have more space.


When do you need to add around the house?

Have you been practising counting on and counting back?

What happens to the amount when you count back?

Alien Models

We used model magic to create our own aliens. We generated adjectives to describe each part of our alien.

What body parts would your alien have?

What adjectives would you use?