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‘Creating Opportunities’

Spring 1

Happy New Year!


This half term our topic is celebrations.  To start 2022 we planned a party for our topic launch.  We wrote invitations, created  decorations and made food for our party.  I was so much fun, dancing and enjoying time with our friends.  

We celebrated the Indian festival of Pongal

Being one of the most popular and loved festivals of South India, Pongal, welcomes the harvest season and is specially marked by its distinct traditional rituals and exuberant celebrations. Families come together to honour and celebrate the auspicious new beginning in their lives!


Rangoli art is displayed outside peoples homes as part of the celebrations.

We made our own rangoli patterns in class.


We have been working hard in gymnastics, developing our movements and practising holding tense shapes with our bodies. Can you stretch into a high shape? Don't forget to hold it! We have been exploring how to move with the equipment.

  • Can you see us going under and over?
  • Can you see us travelling in different ways?

We are becoming experts at linking our movements together.


Place Value

We have been learning about the value of each digit in a number.

How is 24 different from 42?

We used tens and units to help make these amounts and order them from least to most.


We have been exploring different areas of measure in maths. We have used balance scales to compare weight and we have been using rulers and tape measures to measure height and length. The children loved the tape measure and were very keen to measure each other and the objects in the classroom.

What could you measure at home?

Who is the tallest in your family?

How heavy is your favourite toy?


Can you tell the time on an analogue clock? Year 1 have started to look at clocks. Did you know the 12 is always at the top? We can name the hour hand and the minute hand.

Which direction do the clock hands turn?

What time do you have dinner?

What time are you meeting your friends?

What do you do at 9 o'clock?

What do you do at half past 3?

Help us to tell the time by looking at the clock and noting what time is it?

Plants and Flowers

In year 1 we have started looking at the difference between common wild plants and garden plants.


Can you name some wild plants? What plants can you name that grow in your garden?


What plants do you see around Feltham are they wild or garden plants?