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Read Write Inc

In Year 2, some children may continue to attend  RWI (Read Write Inc) lessons, but many will have completed the program. With all children, we continue to use strategies learnt in RWI to support reading and writing across the Year 2 curriculum.


Fred Talk and Fred Fingers

When reading and writing we still refer to 'Fred Talk' which simply means saying the sounds in the word separately and then blending them together.

When trying to spell a word we will ask the children to use 'Fred Fingers' to count how many sounds they can hear in the word. When they then write the word, they are able to check that they have included all of the sounds by counting their 'Fred Fingers'.

When reading, if the children come across an unfamiliar word, we will ask them to 'Fred Talk' which means they will say the sounds that they see in the word separately and then blend them together to read the word.


Red words are words than cannot be 'Fred Talked' because they are not phonetically decodable. These words are learnt using letter names instead of sounds. The 'Common Exception Words' handout on the Curriculum Meetings page gives you a list of red words that children in Year 2 will be learning.