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Aims Of The Workshop

What are the aims of the Speech and Language Workshop?


  • To resolve or significantly improve speech and language difficulties
  • To provide high quality, structured education in a style that is aimed at children with specific speech and language difficulties
  • To provide intensive speech and language therapy in groups and on a one to one basis when appropriate
  • To provide a diagnostic centre to assess the child’s needs and difficulties and offer advice on further provision
  • To provide a resource centre that will be open to parents/carers and professionals. It will offer support, advice, and opportunities to learn more about helping children who have speech and language difficulties


"Your training was absolutely amazing. I have had Training on Colourful Semantics by 2 Speech Therapists in Surrey and Slough but yours was by far most the best. You went above and beyond in explaining it to us. You made it look easy in incorporating Colourful Semantics within the curriculum rather than it being a stand-alone intervention.  You are so amazing at what you do. Your school are very lucky to have you."