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‘Creating Opportunities’

Autumn 2022


We have been really impressed by how well and quickly the Year One pupils have settled in. They have been working so hard. The children have explored their new classrooms and adapted well to the new routine.


Each class explored a different abstract  artist, Green looked at the work of Poonac, Pink the work of Joseph Amedokpo and Orange Class the works of Kandinsky. We tried different techniques and used a variety of media to create our own interpretations of their work.


In the first half of Autumn we investigated technology, around our school and around us. We learnt about technology from the past and compared cameras, washing machines, kettles and telephones from now and then and asked questions about why and how they have changed.

Our Favourite Books

We have all been busy creating wonderful book corners in our classrooms. We brought in special books from home, which we shared with the class. We linked this to RE, finding out about religious books.


As part of the community we like to share and be kind. We loved inviting in our parents and carers so we could sing Harvest songs, recite poetry and collect contributions for the Riverside Vineyard Food Bank.


In Computing we learnt about how to stay safe online. We were lucky to have two police officers visit us, give us advice and answer our questions so that we can enjoy using the internet and stay safe.

Shape Hunt

As part of our mathematics topic work we searched around school for shapes that we could name and describe according to their properties.

Scoot to School

Many of us scooted or rode to school a little earlier than normal so that we could take part in a free breakfast! We had a yummy selection of cereal, fruit, breakfast bars and juice to fill our tummies ready for a busy day of learning. It was so fun to see so many friends and teachers there

Sound Steps

We were really lucky to have a special assembly, led by Chris from Sound Steps, where we listened to the keyboard being played and some of us were inspired to learn to play an instrument too!

Here come the Aliens!

We had an extraordinary event,  a crash landing happened in the outside classroom! There were lots of pieces of space ship scattered around. We looked very closely and discussed where they might have come from. The next day something had left a mess in each of the year one classrooms, an alien had moved in! The aliens have been learning a lot from the children in Year One, especially about respect for others.


In the second half of Autumn we thought about the whole school value of Respect. We discussed what that might look like, sound like and feel like and created displays around school to remind us.

Design Technology

We were asked by the aliens to design and make a prototype space buggy. It had to have moving wheels and a seat for the alien. First the children explored axles and wheels on pre-made toy vehicles and toys. They then explored creating wheels and axles using construction kits. Finally they tried to recreate a working wheel and axle using cardboard wheels, dowel rods and straws. We were impressed by the children’s diligence and persistence.

Church Visit

Thank you so much to Miss Woodley, her mum and auntie and friend David for hosting us at the Southville Methodist Church. They made us feel really welcome and gave us some fun challenges, some information, and we built the Nativity scene with knitted characters. We sang them a song from our concert to say thank you. When we left they gave us a special Christmas magazine with the Christmas story, word searches and colouring inside.​

Christmas Performance

In Year One, we have thoroughly enjoyed singing and performing the Christmas Story.

The Story of the Sleepy Shepherd really made us laugh. We hope you enjoyed our performance! Our teachers were really proud of us.