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Further Useful Information

Further useful information


Starting and Finishing Times


  • Early years sessions are from 9.15 until 11.45 two mornings each week
  • Key Stage One sessions are from 1.15 until 3.30 four afternoons each week




Transport is provided for children in the Key stage one group from their home school to the Speech and Language Workshop. Parents are expected to collect their child at the end of the afternoon. 

Parents / carers of reception children are expected to bring and collect their children. If parents / carers require travel assistance, it is possible to apply for additional transport. Decisions regarding travel assistance are not made by workshop staff, but in our experience it is always granted when there is a genuine need, for example if parents work during the day or if siblings need to be collected at their home schools. Travel assistance may be in the form of a mini bus.




Children attending the Speech and Language Workshop wear the uniform of their home school or the clothes that they normally wear. Clothes should be comfortable and practical and clearly named.


Snack time/Cooking


Each session has some time set aside for a drink and some fruit. This an important time in which children are encouraged to make verbal choices and is an opportunity to use social language. The Speech and Language Workshop takes part in the national fruit for schools scheme. Parents pay £3 a term towards the cost of drinks and cooking items.




As far as possible the Speech and Language Workshop adheres to the schools behaviour policy except all behaviour issues are dealt within the Workshop. Children are never given time out outside the classroom


School Policies


As far as possible the Speech and Language Workshop has adopted the policies of the school. Those of particular importance are as follows:


  • Medical Policy
  • Sun Safety Policy
  • Toileting policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Fire Policy


These can be viewed at any time. Please ask a member of staff.


Attendance and Punctuality


Your child will only benefit from the service that the Speech and Language Workshop offers if they attend regularly. We have close links with the children’s home schools and monitor attendance carefully. Persistent non-attendance without a valid reason may result in the pupil’s place being withdrawn.