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Admission And Request For Place Form

Admission to the Workshop


Referral to the Speech and Language Workshop is made on an annual basis in the summer term beginning in February and ending in May. Both schools and speech and language therapists can refer by completing a request for placement form. A panel consisting of the Teacher In Charge of the Speech and Language Workshop, senior Speech and Language Therapists, and an Educational Psychologist make decisions about placements.


Children must attend a school in Hounslow. A speech therapy report is essential. Children must not have a statement. Children are most likely to get a place if we feel their speech and language needs can be met within a year.


Referral update for referring pupils to start in September 2020:

The issue has been raised by a couple of schools recently that there are children they would like to refer to The Speech and Language Workshop who haven't been able to have been seen by a speech and language therapist because they were waiting to be seen when schools closed. Ordinarily it would be essential for referrals to the workshop to include a speech and language therapist's report.
We understand the problem and this year we will accept and consider referrals without a recent therapist's report. 
If there are children you would like to refer who haven't been recently been seen please do make the referrals but please include more about what you know about them to support the referral. This could include examples of their use of language, what you know about their understanding of questions, their social interaction, their behaviour, how they are at understanding classroom instructions etc. The more information that helps us understand their speech and language difficulties, the better. 
It would also help if you could include the speech and language therapy referral form you completed and any older therapy reports you may have if possible.
You could email referral documents to me ( if that makes things easier. You could write that you do have parents agreement for the referral to be made if it is not possible to get them to sign the form. 
As a reminder, referring does not guarantee a space. There are ten spaces in each group and the expectation is that they attend for the year.


Thank you

Russell Lacey, Teacher in charge of The Speech and Language Workshop


The referral process is now closed and our groups are currently full. We will take in referrals for pupils to start in September 2021 in the spring term (February 2021 - May 2021).