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About The Speech And Language Workshop

"Pupils in the local authority additional resource provision do well because of careful curriculum planning, high-quality interaction and excellent care and support."

"Leadership is outstanding. The provision gives pupils invaluable support in language and speech acquisition that provides them with increased confidence and skills. Pupils are very well cared for and have access to a wide curriculum appropriate to their individual needs." OFSTED Report May 2019 

About the Speech and Language Workshop


What is the Speech and Language Workshop?


The Speech and Language Workshop is a yearlong educational provision for pupils in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. It is offered to pupils who would benefit from an intensive provision, which is likely to resolve or lead to significant improvement in their speech and language difficulties. We are able to offer extremely personalised, targeted learning. Children thrive in our highly visual, engaging environment in groups of up to 10 children. A speech and language therapist carries out weekly therapy sessions for all pupils on a 0.7 basis.


Learning Environment


As far as possible we conform to the school's class expectations guidelines. In addition we aim to provide inclusive strategies to support our children. These may include:


  • The use of visual prompts e.g. visual timetable and resources using the InPrint program
  • Gestures and signs including Makaton and Cued Articulation
  • A regular programme of rhymes and rhyming activities. Rhyme resources are regularly sent home
  • Colourful semantics


The Curriculum


Teaching and learning is based broadly on the Foundation Stage Curriculum and the National Curriculum respectively. The emphasis is on acquiring and practicing the necessary vocabulary and language skills to enable the pupils to access and participate as fully as possible in the curriculum offered in their own school. The curriculum is led by individual children’s needs. A thorough assessment of each child’s needs is used to devise individual targets.


We run three groups across the week. Within all three groups we develop pupils’ looking and listening skills and build their confidence to help them to access their mainstream curriculum.