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Textile Club Photos

This is our final project of the year!  We made a winter wreath, with  sparkly snow, shiny stars, fresh green pine trees and cozy homes!


We've had such fun this term trying new techniques and using different materials.  Merry Christmas everyone!  See you all next year.

This week we made poppies for Rememberance Day.  We cut out some felt circles and stitched them together.  Very simple but very effective.



We also created some Kandinsky inspired pictures of autumn trees.


As Halloween is approaching, today in Textile Club we made some scary spiders dangling from their webs.  First we drew a web onto some coloured card.  Next we rolled a small piece of black card into a tube shape and glued the ends together and then added some googly eyes.  After that we stuck our spider onto the web and finally drew on some spindly legs. 




Welcome back to Textile Club.  As our Harvest Festival is approaching, this week we decided to make some fruit baskets.  We did some printing using real fruit and also painted our own water colour pictures of fruit. Next we made the basket, using strips of brown card.  We then cut out the fruits we  had painted previously and arranged them into our harvest basket.



It's now the end of the Summer term and we have come to the last session of Textile Club.  The children have had lots of fun over the last year and would like to thank Mrs Surridge for all her hard work and coming up with such enjoyable and creative activities. To finish and as a special keepsake, the children personalised and decorated their own tote bags.



Have a look at the amazing pencil pots we made in Textile Club this week.
With the Summer Fete coming up, we decided this week to make some bunting to hang across the beginning of the walkway.
In Textile Club this week the children made beautiful photo holders from pebbles.  First they painted the pebbles and then twisted wire around to make a holder for a photo. These were made as Father's Day gifts but you could make them for any special occasion.
This week in Craft Club we made sparkly dragonflies.  We glued sparkly card onto a clothes peg to make the long, thin body.  We made the shape of the wings by twisting pipe cleaners and then decorated with multi-coloured gems.

Our first activity of the Summer Term was to make a butterfly magnet. 



We used lolly sticks and yarn to make the wings, twisted a pipe cleaner and added beads for the body and then attached a magnet to the back so we can display them.



They were very easy to make.



Why not try and make them at home.  All you need is glue, scissors, lolly sticks, yarn, pipe cleaners, beads and a small magnet.



These are the photo frames we made for our mums for Mothers Day.  We wrapped yarn around lolly sticks, glued them together and then put a smiley photo in the frame.  Some of us also made tulip shaped cards to go with our gifts.

To celebrate the fact that Spring is near, and also it is St David's Day on 1st March, we made daffodil wreaths to hang on the front door or in our bedrooms.  The wreath and flowers are made out of card and the "trumpet" is made of a rolled up piece of felt.  It was good cutting skills practise. 


We listened to the poem "Daffodils" by William Wordsworth, which Purple Class are reciting for the Spring Assembly, and also looked at photographs of daffodils online.

We used red and white felt to weave heart shapes then glued these to the front of a card basket.  We put sweets in the baskets to give to our Valentines.

We practised our stitching by sewing a fish body shape to some binca.  We stuffed the bodies with cotton wool to make them 3D, then added fins, a tail and a googly eye.

In Art and Craft Club we made salt dough hangers for our bedrooms.  We made the dough by mixing together flour, salt and water and kneading it and then shaped it into our initials.  We decorated it by making little unicorns and butterflies and when it was dry we painted it and added glitter and a hanger.


Here are some of our finished creations.