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‘Creating Opportunities’

Spring 2

The United Kingdom Topic Launch

This half term we will learn all about the United Kingdom.  For our launch, we visited each country all in one afternoon!  We all had so much fun going to England in Green class, Scotland in Orange class, Northern Ireland in Pink class and finally Wales in the Central area.

Are you a risk-taker?

This term we are focusing on our value of being a 'risk-taker'. Have you taken a risk recently? Have you tried something that seemed a bit tricky but had a go any way? Ask your child how they have taken a risk with their work.

Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation

In History we researched about the Queen and her coronation.  We re-enacted the ceremony in our classes from the information we found out in books and on the internet.  This was very interesting and extremely exciting as we all took part in the ceremony. 

The Queens Time Line

In class we all worked together to order the Queen’s life in a time line.  This was very interesting and we learnt a lot about her life.

The World

In class, we explored the world using both maps and globes.  We found the United Kingdom and were surprised at how small it was when compared to other countries.