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‘Creating Opportunities’

Curriculum Drivers

Throughout this section you will find reference to Curriculum Drivers. These are themes that are very important to us and our pupils and are used to inspire our curriculum. When  planning, we always have these in mind as they 'drive' our curriculum forward.


Real Life Experiences

We think that learning is most meaningful and memorable when it is delivered through a real life experience. We plan as many real experiences into each topic as we can, including: real artefacts and objects, visitors, off site visits and community events. Real experiences, however, can also happen in the classroom with activities such as baking, writing letters or emails to real and meaningful recipients, science investigations (e.g. choosing materials to make boats) and exploring another country or culture through food or music.


Emotional Literacy

It is important to us that children develop and grow, not just academically, but socially and emotionally too. We plan our topics, taking into account opportunities to connect emotionally with people and concepts, and provide children with the tools and language to discuss their own emotions and those of others.



We encourage children to develop a sense of themselves within a wider community. We explore how our school community, local community and wider community are important to us and the contributions that they make to our lives. We try to involve our school and local community in learning where possible.