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‘Creating Opportunities’

Our Day in Nursery

“In the early years the outstanding provision in the Nursery and Reception classes means that children make very strong progress and are very well prepared for Year 1.” OFSTED report May 2019.


Our Day In Nursery

In Nursery we offer a stimulating play base environment which supports the areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The classes are set up for children to involve themselves in challenging activities to develop and extend their learning. We will develop learning based upon the children’s interests.

In Literacy we provide opportunities for the children to develop their fine motor skills for writing. We have reading areas inside and outside, where children have access to a wide range of story books and home-made books. The children are also introduced to the phonics scheme Read Write Inc.

In the Maths area children are able to explore and develop their knowledge of number, shape, space and measure. Children are able to access a range of maths activities, which require them to identify and recognise numbers. Children can also create and explore pattern and shape in the environment. For example, children will go on a shape hunt in the class or in our outdoor garden. They can collect leaves or objects to create their own pattern as well.

We have a home corner which provides children with opportunities to re-enact experiences they have had at home with their family and friends. Children will share experiences such as making cupcakes or helping with the cooking and washing up. There are also opportunities for dressing up. Children develop their communication and language skills as they will ask questions about aspect they have observed at home. This can include special events that they may have taken part in, such as birthdays, Diwali, Holi, Eid or Christmas.

In the Art area, the children are able to access a wide range of materials, paint and collage resources. Children will learn how to safely use resources such as scissors, as well as explore what happens when they mix colours and experiment with materials to create different textures.

Children in Nursery have access to our own garden area, where activities are set up for children to explore and learn. This includes a mud kitchen, Digging area and Sand pit. Children are able to discuss the changes, similarities and differences in the environment as the seasons change.

There are physical development areas where children develop their fine and gross motor skills. This includes throwing and catching and balancing on beams. Children learn how to jump off an object and land appropriately, negotiate space successfully when using bikes and scooters and travel with confidence around, under, over and through balancing and climbing equipment.

Children are able to use the stage to act out their favourite songs and books. They have access to a range of musical instruments that they can explore and use to develop their own narrative. This enables children to build a repertoire of songs and dances as well as explore the different sounds of instruments.