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‘Creating Opportunities’


"Leaders make effective use of monitoring records to create small group and individual teaching sessions that quickly address any underachievement." OFSTED Report May 2019


Wave 1

Wave 1 is good quality, inclusive teaching which takes into account the learning needs of all the children in the classroom. This includes providing differentiated work, creating an inclusive learning environment, and teacher or teacher assistant support.


Wave 2

Wave 2 outlines specific, additional and time-limited interventions provided for some children who are falling behind the age related expectation. Wave 2 interventions are often targeted at a group of pupils with similar needs. At Cardinal Road School these small group interventions may include RWI phonics support, Fine Motor skills, and maths support.


Wave 3

Wave 3 is targeted provision for a small percentage of children who require a high level of additional support/specialised provision in order to address their needs. At Cardinal Road School this may include Fisher Family Trust, Language for Thinking Interventions, or time in the Speech and Language Workshop. These programs involve activities which tackle fundamental errors, misconceptions and gaps in knowledge or understanding that are preventing progress.


For Waves 1-3 an outside agency or specialist may be involved in order to offer advice, targets, or reports as necessary.

Interventions at Cardinal Road