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‘Creating Opportunities’

Who's Who

Picture 1 Mrs Nowak Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Osei Deputy Head
Picture 3 Mr Fawcett Teacher SENDCO
Picture 4 Mr Lacey Teacher Rainbow Class S&L Workshop
Picture 5 Ms Mohsen Early Years Practioner S&L Workshop
Picture 6 Miss Dias Teacher Nursery
Picture 7 Miss Allen Teacher Nursery
Picture 8 Mrs Ashroff Early Years Practitioner Nursery
Picture 9 Mrs Hayes Teacher Reception Blue Class
Picture 10 Mrs Knowles Early Years Practitioner Blue Class
Picture 11 Mrs Stewart Early Years Practitioner Blue/Nursery
Picture 12 Miss Woodley Teacher Reception Yellow Class
Picture 13 Mrs Parker Early Years Practitioner Yellow Class
Picture 14 Mrs Paajarvi Teacher Reception Red Class
Picture 15 Mrs Sharma Teacher Reception Red Class
Picture 16 Miss Dobb Early Years Practitioner Red Class
Picture 17 Miss Harte Teacher Year 1 Green Class
Picture 18 Miss Din Teacher Year 1 Orange Class
Picture 19 Mrs Taylor Teaching Assistant Year 1
Picture 20 Mrs Hearth Teacher Year 1 Pink Class
Picture 21 Mrs Kikolska Teaching Assistant Year 1/EAL
Picture 22 Miss Pothecary Teacher Year 2 Silver Class
Picture 23 Miss Hendricks Teaching Assistant Year 2
Picture 24 Mrs Ram Teacher Year 2 Gold Class
Picture 25 Mrs Surridge Teaching Assistant Year 2
Picture 26 Miss Kirk Teacher Year 2 Purple Class
Picture 27 Mrs Lawrence TA Yr 2/Interventions/SMSA
Picture 28 Mrs Dale General Teaching Assistant
Picture 29 Mrs Evans Teaching Assistant/Medical/Interventions
Picture 30 Mrs Alker Teacher PPA Cover & Speech and Language
Picture 31 Mrs Monks Learning Mentor & Parent Support Advisor
Picture 32 Mrs Abbott Teaching Assistant
Picture 33 Miss Wilkins Teaching Assistant/SMSA/Cleaner
Picture 34 Mrs Head Finance/Attendance Officer
Picture 35 Mrs Mussallam Clerical Officer
Picture 36 Mrs Brown Clerical Assistant
Picture 37 Mrs Gates Senior SMSA/Teachers Aide/Cleaner
Picture 38 Mrs Osborn SMSA
Picture 39 Miss Gilbert SMSA
Picture 40 Mrs Gamble SMSA
Picture 41 Mrs Chaudhry SMSA
Picture 42 Mrs Fullicks SMSA
Picture 43 Mrs Lovett SMSA/Cleaner
Picture 44 Mrs Nunes Relief SMSA
Picture 45 Mrs Gopala Krishnan Relief SMSA
Picture 46 Miss Timothy Play Leader
Picture 47 Mrs Lesley-Jayanthan Catering Manager
Picture 48 Janet Hall Catering Assistant
Picture 49 Mrs Cummings Catering Assistant
Picture 50 Mrs Michalska Catering Assistant
Picture 51 Mr Kolosine Premises Manager (Part Time)
Picture 52 Mr Wyllie Relief Caretaker
Picture 53 Mrs Osborn Cleaner
Picture 54 Miss Bhati Cleaner