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Special Events

Thurs 7 Dec       9:30am       Reception Concert for Parents with children

Fri 8 Dec             9:30am       Reception Concert for Adults only

Tue 12 Dec         9:30am       Yr 1  Concert for Parents with children

Wed 13 Dec       9:30am       Yr 1 Concert for Adults only

Fri 15 Dec            9:10am        Yr 2 Carol Concert for Parents with children

Mon 18 Dec        9:10am        Yr 2 Carol Concert for Adults only

Tue 19 Dec                               Nursery Parties

Tue 19 Dec         pm               School Christmas Parties and Disco

Wed 20 Dec      2:00pm       SCHOOL FINISHES   

Wed 3 Jan                               SPRING TERM BEGINS      




Please do no send any food to school that contains nuts, even a trace of nuts can be very serious for our children who have a nut allergy. 


We also have a child with a kiwi allergy, so please do no send your child to school with a kiwi fruit.


Thank you for your support.



Why not come and share a book with your child during Reading Morning.

For more information please see the class Teacher.




During our Learning to Respect Week, some members of the local community Police visited our school to give out information to Parents regarding the Borough's Learning to Respect Programme. 

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Picture 2
Picture 3



Nursery 2017 - 2018


We are able to offer 30 hour places for eligible children from 9am-3pm from September 2017 during term time.  For more information visit:



Well done to Year 2  who arranged a recent MacMillan Cancer coffee morning fund raising event and to all of the parents who attended and made it such a successful occasion.

We raised an amazing £265.17. 

Thank you.



Grenfell Tower


Thank you very much for your generosity for raising funds for Grenfell Tower victims.  We raised an amazing £530.44.  This will make a difference and is very much appreciated.




Well done to all who entered the Spring Hat Competition, they were amazing and it was very difficult to judge.

  Click on the link below and you will be able to see for yourselves.


Thursday 2nd March was World Book Day.  The children came to school dressed as  their favourite book character and they looked absolutely amazing.  Click on the link below and see for yourselves.

Visit From The Mayor of Hounslow


The children recently took part in a fun walking and cycling 'game' called Beat the Street, which was funded by the NHS, Public Health and local councils, to encourage people to 'get active'.


People scored points and won prizes by walking, cycling or running from point to point and tapping a registered and activated Beat the Street card on sensors (Beat Boxes) which were placed on lamp posts across the routes where the game was being played.  The Beat Boxes were positioned roughly half a mile from each other to encourage people to walk at least half a mile per journey.  Each journey earned the participant 10 points.


Cardinal Road did very well and were on the leader board displaying the second highest average points.


The Mayor of Hounslow visited our school and presented the children with a trophy and a cheque for £250.






Reception had great fun celebrating Diwali. Children and staff dressed in bright coloured outfits and throughout the morning each class made chapatis, breadstick fireworks and cucumber raita ready for their parties in the afternoon. Click on the Diwali link below and see how much fun they had.

                    AR GALLERY


All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and the Speech and Language Workshop (as long as they were not absent) have been involved in creating a piece of "Art" which was framed and displayed in the hall. 


The exhibition was amazing, we certainly have some very talented artists amongst our children.


All the classes had an opportunity to view their work and all were very proud to see their own pieces hanging in the gallery.


Click on the link below to view all the art work in the exhibition.



Monday saw the start of our science week. It was launched by "Mad Scientists" who led a fun filled assembly introducing some of the exciting aspects of science.





Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Workshops were organised throughout the morning for each year group, involving magnets, slime and worms and as you can see the children found it very exciting and had an enormous amount of fun.

Worms Workshop

Worms Workshop 1
Worms Workshop 2
Worms Workshop 3
Worms Workshop 4
Worms Workshop 5
Worms Workshop 6
Worms Workshop 7
Worms Workshop 8
Worms Workshop 9
Worms Workshop 10
Worms Workshop 11
Worms Workshop 12
Worms Workshop 13
Worms Workshop 14
Worms Workshop 15

Magnets Workshop

Magnets Workshop 1
Magnets Workshop 2
Magnets Workshop 3
Magnets Workshop 4
Magnets Workshop 5
Magnets Workshop 6
Magnets Workshop 7
Magnets Workshop 8
Magnets Workshop 9
Magnets Workshop 10
Magnets Workshop 11
Magnets Workshop 12

Throughout the week, each Year group held their own science workshops and parents were invited to come in to support and assist in various science activities.  Some of the activities included Magnetic Marble Painting, Dancing Raisins, Volcanoes,  Gloop,  Electric Circuits, Investigating Light and Dark, Lava Lamps, Magnets and Forces.


A very big thank you to all the parents who did manage to give some of their time to help, it was very much appreciated by the Staff and children.

Parent Helper Workshops

Parent Helper Workshops 1
Parent Helper Workshops 2
Parent Helper Workshops 3
Parent Helper Workshops 4
Parent Helper Workshops 5
Parent Helper Workshops 6
Parent Helper Workshops 7
Parent Helper Workshops 8
Parent Helper Workshops 9
Parent Helper Workshops 10
Parent Helper Workshops 11
Parent Helper Workshops 12
Parent Helper Workshops 13
Parent Helper Workshops 14
Parent Helper Workshops 15
Parent Helper Workshops 16
Parent Helper Workshops 17
Parent Helper Workshops 18
Parent Helper Workshops 19
Parent Helper Workshops 20
Parent Helper Workshops 21
Parent Helper Workshops 22
Parent Helper Workshops 23
Parent Helper Workshops 24

Even the teachers had fun.

Even the teachers had fun. 1
Even the teachers had fun. 2
Even the teachers had fun. 3
The children were invited to take part in a competition to decorate a 'Lab Coat'.  We received lots of entries so well done and thank you to all those children who took part.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
The School Councillors had the very difficult task of choosing 3 winners from each year group. As you can imagine, it was extremely hard to choose, as they all looked absolutely amazing.

School Councillors judging 'Lab Coat' competition

School Councillors judging 'Lab Coat' competition 1
School Councillors judging 'Lab Coat' competition 2
School Councillors judging 'Lab Coat' competition 3
School Councillors judging 'Lab Coat' competition 4
School Councillors judging 'Lab Coat' competition 5
School Councillors judging 'Lab Coat' competition 6
School Councillors judging 'Lab Coat' competition 7
School Councillors judging 'Lab Coat' competition 8
School Councillors judging 'Lab Coat' competition 9
In a special assembly held at the end of Science week, children from each year group shared with the rest of the school,  some of the exciting things they had been doing in their classes.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

The winners of the 'Decorate a Lab Coat Competition' were announced.  All the children that entered the competition received a small prize and two members of the School Council presented the 3 year group winners with their prizes.  Congratulations to you all.





Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Decorate a Lab Coat Winners

All Competition Entries

All Competition Entries 1

Well done to the Nursery Winners who were Max, Mary Am, Bailey and Taylor.


We would all like to say a very big thank you to Mrs Kim Alker, who put in a lot of hard work organising our fun filled Science Week. THANK YOU.

Road Safety Competition Winning Banners