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‘Creating Opportunities’

Providing for more able pupils.

At Cardinal Road we have high expectations and strive to ensure that all pupils reach their full potential.


The DfE has replaced the previously used term "gifted and talented" with "more able" or "higher ability" pupils.

Throughout Early Years and Key Stage One we provide opportunities in class for more able pupils to be challenged and to deepen their understanding. We understand that pupils learn at different rates and have different strengths and areas for development that will change, depending on the skills or content of different lessons. As a result our groupings are fluid and pupils are asked to extend their learning when they are ready, for example by applying what they have learnt to a different situation.

In addition, at times during Key Stage One, higher ability pupils in English and Mathematics are also taught together in a group or class across the year group. 

Pupils who show "higher ability" in other areas such as P.E., Art, Music are also recognised and given opportunities to share their skills, for example in assemblies, borough sports' events, concerts and displays.