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Children have accessed espresso in school and are familiar with the layout. There is a wealth of videos and activities to cover all subjects for all year groups. It can also be used to research a variety of topics.




Twinkl Go! - What do Plants Need to Grow? Science Shorts Animation Clip

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Parts of a plant | Primary Biology - Plants

Suitable for teaching 5 to 11s. Discover the various parts of a plant and their functions through a mix of scientific enquiry and comedy! Subscribe for more ...

The Plant Song

The Plant Song


Leaf rubbing

Collect different leaves, make a leaf rubbing and name it for your journal. - watch the video for leaf rubbing.

Plant a bean:

Resources needed - Bean – 3,Transparent cups – 3, Compost or tissue paper, water and Sticky labels

Experiment bean plant - in dark, sunlight and shade and find out what is needed for a plant to grow. Write instructions to describe how to plant a bean. Label the parts of a plant. Measure the growth of a bean plant with a ruler. 

Plants We Eat

A simple activity helping children to identify foods we eat that are parts of plants. (e.g roots, stem, leaves, seed, fruit and flower)

Getting out and about: 

A picnic in a local park, woodland or botanical garden would give children the opportunity to practice their new skills in identifying common plants and trees.  



Twinkl Go! - Quick Facts: Evergreen and Deciduous Trees Video

Love our videos? Click subscribe! Use this eye catching and informative video clip to give Year 1 pupils all the key facts they need to understand the differ...

Tree Song- Learn about Trees! Roots, and Trunks, and Leaves!

A science song about trees. (lyrics below) A fun one for Earth Day! see more of Mr. R.'s free science resources at LYRICS Trees, tree...