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‘Creating Opportunities’

Summer 2

Celebration of our outstanding children

We have all worked very hard this year and are very proud of our OUTSTANDING status. The children celebrated this on our 'outstanding day'. We enjoyed watching a science and magic show in the morning and then did some making and baking for our walkway party in the afternoon. Green class made sandwiches, Orange class made lemon cake and Pink class made jelly. We all enjoyed sharing our food during the party.

Science and Magic Show

Tennis Skills

Year 1 are very lucky to have tennis coaches from Dukes Meadow to help us learn tennis skills, we have been working very hard and trying our best. We are having a lot of fun learning each week (even when the weather is bad and we have to come inside!)

Trip to the Farm

We had a brilliant day at the farm (although we did get a little wet!). We saw and held so many animals. The goats were very hungry and wanted lots of food. It was great to get so much hands on experience with animals.


We have continued to look after our plants and watch them grow. They need plenty of water and sunshine to help them along.

At the pet shop

Green class had a fantastic trip to the Pet shop. We learnt a lot about how important it is to take care of pets and we got to hold lots of the animals. Pink Class and Orange Class are looking forward to their trip over the next few weeks.

Animal Projects

The children of year 1 have worked very hard over the holiday to produce Animal Projects with their families. They have already learnt so much about animals and they enjoyed presenting their projects to their classmates. The children had lots of questions and were eager to find out more.