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‘Creating Opportunities’

Summer 2

Outstanding Day

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Outstanding Day 6

We had some visitors that came to our school and judged us as 'OUTSTANDING'. We were very proud so the whole school celebrated. We begun the day by having a magician come in and do magic tricks. We then cooked lots of food for a banquet in the afternoon. 


  • Purple class made sandwiches
  • Gold class made cakes
  • Silver class made pizzas

Outstanding Banquet

Outstanding Banquet 1
Outstanding Banquet 2
Outstanding Banquet 3
Outstanding Banquet 4
Outstanding Banquet 5
Outstanding Banquet 6
Outstanding Banquet 7
Outstanding Banquet 8
We have made realistic sculptures of insects and minibeasts. This is part of our topic Explorers, we made insects that we found over half term. We used model magic to make the sculptures and then we painted them. We learnt about primary colours and how to use them to make other colours. In English we wrote instructions on how to make these insects.