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‘Creating Opportunities’

Summer 1

Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely Easter break. This term our topic is Fairy Tales & Traditional Stories. Children have already started to bring in their projects to share with the class and they are fantastically creative.

Animal Fu

We had a very active start to the term with Animal Fu. Each character had a different message to share about looking after ourselves and others.

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Maths: Division

In maths we are learning about division. We are good at sharing and we know to make sure that each group is equal. Can you help us share at home?

  • Share raisins (or sweets)
  • Share biscuits
  • Share toys and books
  • Share coins

Topic Launch

Thank you for helping the children with their fantastic costumes, they looked amazing. They really enjoyed coming to school dressed as a fairy tale character. We've done so much!

  • We shared our own versions of the stories
  • We built castles for the Kings and Queens
  • We went on a fairy tale hunt around the school to find clues for some fairy tales
  • We used puppets to retell the stories


The weather has improved and we are beginning to plant. We have sown the seeds under the soil and added water. Now we have to wait for the shoots to appear.

Making Puppets

Year 1 have made some fabulous hand puppets this term. They are all characters from a fairy tale or traditional story. They started by sewing 2 pieces of felt together to make the body of the puppet. Then they used materials to add the details. We all really enjoyed this activity and we have some amazing talent in the year group.

Trips to the Mosque

We really enjoyed the opportunity to explore a Mosque. The Arabic writing was beautiful and it was interesting to hear all about the 5 pillars of Islam.

Story Maps

We have been using the playground to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We explored the playground looking for obstacles from the story and marked them on our map. Then we drew a safe path for Little Red so she could avoid the Big Bad Wolf.