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‘Creating Opportunities’

Spring 2

FRIENDS Easter egg competition

Are you a risk-taker?

This term we are focusing on our value of being a 'risk-taker'. Have you taken a risk recently? Have you tried something that seemed a bit tricky but had a go any way? Ask your child how they have taken a risk with their work.

Who is this man?


The children became detectives for the day and made a close inspection of this image.

  • What do you think he does?
  • Is he still alive?
  • Is he rich or poor?

What clues do you notice in the picture? The children were very good at using the clues to explain their reasoning.

Henry VIII

This term we are learning all about Henry 8th. We have spent some time learning about his younger life, his six wives and his hobbies. We will shortly being visiting Hampton Court Palace where Henry lived for some of his life. We are all very excited about this real life experience.


We are very lucky to have some new PE equipment in the school. We have been exploring the new equipment and trying hard to improve our fitness.

Healthy Eating Workshop

This year we took part in a healthy eating workshop. We shared the story of The Hungary Caterpillar. Year 1 were very good at sharing examples of food that is healthy. We used different fruit and vegetables to make some caterpillars from the story.

Do you like our caterpillars?

What would you use in your healthy caterpillar?


World Book Day

March 7th was World Book Day this year. We love reading and sharing books with our friends and the school community. We were very excited to come to school in our pyjamas and share our favourite bedtime story. Do you recognise any of our favourite stories? We recommend that you read them at bedtime.

Science: Ourselves

We have been learning about ourselves and our senses in science. Can you name different parts of your body? We enjoyed changing 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' to make it more interesting with different parts of our body. It was definitely tricky when we started going faster. 

Senses: Hearing

We explored different areas around the school to compare the sounds. The playground was definitely the loudest, especially when our friends at Victoria were at playtime. We heard lots of traffic sounds when we are in Opal room.

  • Can you make a list of sounds you hear on the way to school?
  • Is it always the same?

Science: Smell

Year 1 have clear ideas of smells they like and smells they don't! We enjoyed smelling the different plants around the school, the mint was very strong! 

What's your favourite smell?

Science: Sight

Which senses do you use if you cant use sight? We explored what it might be like to not see. Very carefully of course! Have you ever tried writing your name when you cant see? Our handwriting became very messy! However, using our sense of touch and our control over our hands we were able to do it. We also used a special ball with a bell in to play a rolling game. It was funny when the ball rolled right past us. We got better with more practise and we used our sense of hearing and touch to locate the ball. We had to roll the ball very carefully and slowly to get it where we wanted it.

The Circus

The circus came to Cardinal Road! Year one loved watching the circus performance. It was filled with amazing magic treats and incredible balances. Here are a few pictures from this amazing experience. We will definitely be continuing to practise these skills with our new 'box of tricks'.

Making crowns

We have been making crowns as part of our Henry 8th topic. Do you like our crowns?

Hampton Court Palace

We loved our trip to Hampton Court Palace, we are so lucky to have it so close! We did so much walking but the children were all very good because we know it helps to keep us fit and healthy! The palace has so much to look at that we weren't able to fit it all into the day. Maybe you could find the time to visit with your child.

Maths Games Morning

A big thank you for all the mums and dads and other family members for joining us to play maths games. It's fantastic to have you all involved; we all have a lot of fun and practice our fantastic maths skills! 

Preparation for the Tudor Banquet

Year 1 were very excited about the Tudor Banquet. Each class made a different dish to share at the feast. Green class made a delicious vegetable soup, Pink class made tasty bread and Orange class made a scrumptious cake.

The Tudor Banquet

Year 1 had a marvellous time at our Tudor Banquet. We all showed respect to the King and Queen by bowing. We feasted on vegetable soup, bread and cake. The Tudor dancing was great. Each class performed for the King and Queen.