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Spring 2

FRIENDS Easter egg competition

FRIENDS Easter egg competition 1
FRIENDS Easter egg competition 2
FRIENDS Easter egg competition 3
FRIENDS Easter egg competition 4
FRIENDS Easter egg competition 5
FRIENDS Easter egg competition 6
FRIENDS Easter egg competition 7
FRIENDS Easter egg competition 8
Circus Skills Workshop

Cardinal Road School were very excited to be having a Circus Skills Workshop. Our Monday morning started off with an assembly. We watched lots of circus tricks, magic and music. What was your favourite?


This was followed by each class having a workshop. We learnt lots of tricks to show all of our friends!

The Great Fire of London
Our topic this half term is 'The Great Fire of London' have a look at what we have been learning:
London Fire Brigade

We had London Fire Brigade come in and give us a talk about how to stay safe. The firefighters taught us what they do day to day and what and AMAZING job they have. We learnt all about what to do if there is a fire. 

  1. Get to safety
  2. Shout FIRE!! FIRE!!
  3. Call 999
Making our own 1666 houses
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Houses in 1666 were very different to the houses we live in nowadays. Our new topic is 'The Great Fire of London' so we used our art skills from last term to create our own model houses. 


Some things we learnt were:

  • Houses were made from wood
  • They had straw roofs (thatched)
  • They had no running water so had to use leather pails
  • Streets were narrow
  • The houses were very close together 


Can you research houses from 1666 and found out any more facts?

We burnt the houses:
We recreated the Great Fire of London in the school playground. Look how quickly the fire spread because the houses were close together! We had the Real Life Experience of watching the houses burn.

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day 1
Red Nose Day 2

On Friday 15 March, people across the UK will be coming together to do things big and small, that will add up to something massive. We are wearing our red noses and brightly coloured clothes to school to raise money for Comic Relief.


'When you donate to Comic Relief you’re supporting vulnerable people and communities in the UK and internationally. Our vision is to create a just world free from poverty and we’re doing this by funding amazing organisations doing amazing things.'

World Book Day

On the 7th March 2019 we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up in our pyjamas and brought in our favourite bedtime stories which we shared with our classes. Each class also heard different teachers favourite bedtime story. 


World Book Day is the world’s biggest campaign to provide every child and young person in the country with a book of their own. A registered charity, World Book Day is generously supported by sponsor National Book Tokens and brings together the UK and Ireland’s bookselling and publishing industries in an extraordinary collaboration. It aims to help to get even more books directly into the hands of children and young people, especially those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to them. Catering for all age groups, from toddler to teen, the expanded list of 13 new £1 titles for World Book Day 2019 has been created to appeal to the widest possible range of children and young people, tastes and abilities.



Fire Brigade Visit

The London Fire Brigade from the Hounslow Fire Station came back to visit us with their fire engine. We learnt about information specific to our community like how they rescue people in tall buildings or flats. We were lucky enough to sit inside the fire engine and to see how they take the ladders off the roof. This was a 'real life experience' we will never forget!