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“From the day our children are born (yes), to the day they tell us to stop, we should read to them,” says Michael Rosen (pg.39 Good Ideas How to Be Your Child’s and Your Own Best Teacher).

Literacy is all around us.

Reading at home

'With so many books to read and enjoy there just isn’t enough time in a school day to discover all there is to enjoy with reading. Support from parents and carers with reading at home is just as important to a child’s development. Every child loves spending time with their parents and enjoys listening to them and interacting with them. Sharing a book together is a special time with the added benefit that it’s not just for entertainment but helps develop their concentration and understanding of language. Children who don’t get the reading support at home from parents and carers often come to reading at a disadvantage.


It is never too early to start sharing books with your child, even as young babies they enjoy, and will learn from, hearing stories and looking at books. Research shows that reading at home with their child is the single most important thing a parent can do to help their child’s education.


Try to set aside time each day to sit and share a book. Turn off distractions such as the TV and mobile phone and have some quiet time together getting lost in a story. Talk to your child about the pictures, ask them what they can see and what they think is going to happen in the story. Doing this little and often is best so that you don’t lose your child’s focus and attention, but by all means read for longer if that’s what your child wants.


Be a reading role model to your child – if your child sees you enjoying a book, they will show an interest too.'


(Article - The importance of early years reading from ELF 2019)