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Home Learning

In the current uncertain circumstances, we are sending daily home learning tasks by email for children to do if they are unable to come to school. We hope you find these useful to help support your child's learning in this time. There are lots of different activities but feel free to adapt the resources to suit your child's needs. Be creativity and let your imaginations flow! It will be lovely to see photos and videos of what the children get up to on Tapestry. We can also be contacted through Tapestry if you have any questions.

The Nursery Team xxx


Hounslow's National Smile Competition!

You can use this schedule if you find it helpful to structure your day.                        

 Nursery daily schedule

Before 9am

Have a Healthy breakfast

Get changed and brush your teeth (encourage independence at much as possible)


Sing nursery rhymes or your favourite songs – use instruments (make them if you do not have any e.g. wooden spoons and pans) or dance to the songs

Go to the 'Bus songs' website for inspiration.



Learning through play time e.g. role play, dressing up, making dens, play duplo, puzzles

Go to the 'EY Homes' website for some activities


Wash hands

Snack time and time for talking e.g. discuss celebrations, things in the past, family similarities and differences


Phonics and mark making or fine motor activities e.g. painting, drawing, play dough, cutting, sticking

The following websites can also help:

Oxford Owls

Teach your monsters to read



Remember to wash your hands!

Helping hands in the kitchen e.g. set up table, help make sandwiches, mixing, measuring ingredients, counting cutleries.

Have lunch together.


Maths activities e.g. counting games, number recognition, shape hunt (use pack to help you)

The following websites can also help:

Oxford Owl



Exercise - Try and go out in the garden or try the suggestions below:

Yoga – cosmic yoga on YouTube

Dancing – The Learning Station on YouTube

Ballet – Baby ballet on YouTube


Wash hands

Snack and story time


Electronic time (Ipads, tablets, remote control toys – use suggested websites and apps)


Relax and enjoy your time as a family until bedtime.