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‘Creating Opportunities’



Your child has a selection of books on Bug Club (Active Learn) to read. Please ensure they are reading every day and clicking on the bugs to answer the questions to support their understanding of what they have read. 

Reading Comprehensions

Please follow the link below and select a reading comprehension for your child to complete. Please complete every other day.


Please practise handwriting and correct letter formation with your child. They can practise spelling the Year 1 common exception words attached. Aim to practise spelling 5 of these words a day.

Adjectives or describing words: Get your child to look at the pictures and describe them using as many describing words or adjectives to comment on the shape, size, colour and provide as much information about the object or picture.

Today we will take a look at 'Nouns' or naming words. Follow the power point presentation and have a go at completing the 'Nouns Hunt' worksheet attached below.

Today we will look at 'Verbs' or 'Action words'. They are words that are used to describe an action or talk about what you or someone is doing. Try a hand at reading the sentences and choosing an appropriate action word to fill in the blanks.

Look at the given scene and answer questions that follow, in as much detail as you can. You could answer orally or in writing.

Look at the scene and answer questions that follow in as mush detail as you can.

Complete this writing activity. Try and use adjectives to make your writing descriptive.