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‘Creating Opportunities’


Use the resources below to help your child write a fantasy story. The story plan will help them write keywords to help them in each part of the story (they have used plans in school). The writing checklist will help them to make sure they have included all the elements to their story. Remind your child to use capital Letters (particularly for names of characters and places), full stops, question and exclamation marks, fronted adverbials, adjectives to describe, adverbs and conjunctions to join two sentences. 
Below is a link to Oak National Academy who are providing online English lessons. Please click on the link below and work through the lessons provided at your own pace. They are specific to Year 2. Please keep looking at the link as they will be uploading more lessons as the weeks go on. 

English Lessons

A series of online English Lessons.



Please continue to read with your child. They can read books from home or use Bug Club on ActiveLearn. Remember to ask your child questions whilst reading for example: Who is the main character? Where is the setting? What happened first? Did you like this book? 


Below is a link to some quick reading comprehensions.