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‘Creating Opportunities’

Autumn 2

Here come the Aliens!!!!!!!

Our topic this term is all about aliens. We launched the topic when we investigated some banging and crashing noises that were coming from the playground. We were all very curious about what it could have been.

We were shocked to find a crashed rocket on the grass. We investigated the signs around and we think the aliens have come to learn more about our school.

What do you think they might look like?

How do you think they will act?

Our trip to the Temple

Do you know about Diwali? We visited a Hindu Temple to find out more about this special celebration. The children were excited to travel by bus to the temple. They loved looking around the temple and had lots of questions. It was very interesting hearing the story and l shared some lovely food.

Fireworks Art

Have you noticed the amazing fireworks at night? They are loud and colourful. We like seeing the night sky light up with colours. We have been creating some exciting fireworks pictures. We started using pastels as a background. Then we used black paint to cover the pastels.  The final step was to scratch the dry paint of to create the patterns of fireworks. Do you like our work? 

Maths Games

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who could join us for our maths games. We gain so many skills through playing maths games and it is great to have extra adults to play with us.

Science: Materials

In science we have been investigating materials. We have been looking at sand and we asked a question:

What type of sand makes the best sand castles?

We explored different types of sand to investigate. We tried building sand castles with 

  • wet sand
  • damp sand
  • dry sand

Lots of the children predicted that wet sand would be the best. However we discovered that damp sand was better.

Maths: Addition and Subtraction

We have been doing lots of learning this term about the operations addition and subtraction. We try to use our outside area as much as possible as it keeps as active and means we have more space.

When do you need to add around the house?

Have you been practising counting on and counting back?

What happens to the amount when you count back?

Design Technology

This term we have designed and made space craft using recycled materials. 

Do you like our space craft?


We were all very excited to watch a video showing Earth come into view from space. We used Google Earth to locate us and to find familiar countries around the world. We loved exploring the globes and atlases to find different countries and continents.

Can you find the United Kingdom on a globe?

Do you know what continent we are a part of?

What other countries have you visited?

Could you piece together a puzzle of a world map?

Alien Models

We used model magic to create our own aliens. We generated adjectives to describe each part of the alien.

What body parts would your alien have?

What adjectives would you use?


We have started planting bulbs in our outside area. We are looking forward to spring and to watching them grow over the year.

Trip to Church

We had an amazing time seeing all the different decorated trees at the church. There are so many talented and creative groups in Feltham. We decided ours was a clear favourite. We hope you can come to see it, either at the church or in the school reception. After we looked at all the trees we then retold the story of Christmas, everyone got involved. It was a lot of fun.

Christmas Lunch

We had a very festive time at our Christmas Lunch. The turkey and samosas were delicious and the dessert was a winner. We sang along to Christmas songs and looked really good in out Santa hats.


We have been working hard this term and having lots of fun. It is getting closer to Christmas and to the end of term so we have been doing lots of craft activities to decorate the classrooms.


We have been busy getting ready for Christmas. We have been baking some biscuits for our Christmas party! We decided to try a new recipe - it is a vegan recipe so everyone is able to take part in making and eating the biscuits. We needed to do lots of measuring to get the correct amount of ingredients, then we did lots of mixing, luckily there are a lot of us so we could share all the hard work. We can't wait to try our delicious cookies tomorrow!

Party Day

We have all had a great day celebrating Christmas together. We have shared lots of party food, including the biscuits that we made yesterday. The biscuits didn't quite come out as well as we hoped - they were as flat as a pancake. But we all took a risk and tasted them and they did taste good. We enjoyed taking turns and competing in the party games. Musical statues was definitely our favourite! The disco was amazing, but very tiring. We did lots of dancing and lots of jumping and we were very sad to leave.

A Special Visitor