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‘Creating Opportunities’

Autumn 2

Santa came to Cardinal Road!


We were very lucky here at Cardinal Road and our 'Friends' organised for Santa to come and visit us! We loved the opportunity to have this "Real Life Experience" and it's one we won't be forgetting any time soon!

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Christmas Dinner


The whole school enjoyed the Christmas Dinner. We had crackers, Christmas music and Santa hats. Can you spot your class teacher?



As part of our topic "Around the World in Eighty Days" we have been studying two different locations in the African country of Ghana; Tema and Akosombo. Mrs Osei has family from Ghana and has stayed there many times so she brought in lots of different resources for us to use and showed us many photographs that she has taken.


We began by writing about what we would like to find out and by the end of the topic we really felt like Ghana experts!  At the end of the topic we discussed and wrote about the differences between the Ghana locations and Feltham and thought about where we would rather live; it was a difficult choice!


Here we are researching Ghana in class with each group focusing on different headings:

  • Clothes
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Homes
  • Animals

We researched our given topic and then presented back to the class, working on our speaking and listening skills. It was fun and we learn't lots!

Odd Sock Day 2019


We wore odd socks to raise money for charity!

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For our home based project this half-term we made projects about the African country of Ghana. We researched using books, the internet and other media.


Each project was different and it was wonderful to see the creative ways that children thought of to present the information that they had found out. Children then got the opportunity to present their project to the class.


'Around the World'


Our topic for Autumn 2 is 'Around the World'. We will be learning all about the world that we live in. We enjoyed learning about lots of different countries. We even learnt a song which taught us the continents in order from largest to smallest. Click the link below to learn it with us:




We have been learning a lot about local geography this half term and to start us off we made a map of our school. We used masking tape to create the outline of our school. Can you find your class? We also learnt what a bird's eye view is

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Our Value this half term is 'Respect'

We decorated hands to show that we are all different but we still show respect to one another.
Gurdwara Visit
We were very lucky to visit our local Gurdwara to support our learning at school. We have been learning about Sikhism and this real life experience helped us to see what we have been learning in context. We learnt facts about Sikhism like how music is very important to them and that boys' names have Singh after them which means 'lion' and girls' names are followed by Kaur which means 'princess'. We also sat in the Langar Hall and learnt about how anyone can come to eat and drink and that people sit together on the floor to show that they are equal.