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‘Creating Opportunities’

Autumn 1


Welcome to all the new pupils and parents of Year 1. All the children have done brilliantly and settled into their new classes. We have explored our new classrooms and we are getting to know our new classmates.


Our topic this term is TOYS. The children had a fantastic time during the launch of the topic when we explored a range of different types of toys and tried different ways of playing with them. We used each classroom and the playground so that we could explore

  • Outside toys
  • Roleplay and imaginative toys
  • Construction toys

Ask your child which one they preferred. Green class had a vote and the most popular type of toy was construction.


The children did a superb job of sharing their favourite toys. They talked about where they got the toy from, what materials it was made out of and how they liked to play with it. They are very proud of their toys.


We have started learning about everyday materials. The children have already shared some of their fantastic knowledge and were successfully able to sort and label their toys according to the materials they are made from.

Be Kind

This term our Aims & Values focus is 'Be Kind'. We have shared lots of ideas about being kind to each other and made a display in each classroom.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Old Toys

Continuing our topic of toys from Autumn 1 we have been finding out about old toys. We had a fantastic time exploring some old toys. We talked about how they were similar to the toys we have at home and how they are different. We also spent some time talking about the materials that they are made of.

Black History Week

As part of our Black History Week we were very lucky to take part in an African drumming workshop. We had a lot of fun using the drums and adding the sound effects to a story about African animals.