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‘Creating Opportunities’

Autumn 1


Welcome to all the new pupils and parents of Year 1. All the children have done fantastically well settling down into their new classes. 


This half term our topic is ‘Toys’

For our topic launch we spent the day exploring a variety of toys. 

We played with construction toys and small world toys inside our classrooms.

Outside in the playground we rode bikes and scooters.  Then as a team we played parachute games.


Green Class

Orange Class

Pink Class


The children did a superb job of sharing their favourite toys. They talked about where they got the toy from, what materials it was made out of and how they liked to play with it. They are very proud of their toys.

Art: Self Portraits

The children showed a lot of observation and skill creating self portraits. We used mirrors to look closely at our features then found the correct colour to paint our skin tone and collage to create our features. Pop into our classrooms to see the finished pieces of work.

Black History Week


We celebrated 'Black History' month  in October.  

We looked at famous black sports personalities.

The whole school got to take part in a drumming workshop, we all enjoyed this.

Black History Week


We have started learning about everyday materials. The children have already shared some of their fantastic knowledge and we explored toys made from different materials. They were successfully able to sort and label their toys according to the materials they are made from and have started to describe their properties.

Be Kind

This term our Aims & Values focus is 'Be Kind'. We have shared lots of ideas about being kind to each other and made a display in each classroom.


To celebrate harvest 2020 we tasted foods and researched where they came from.  Miss Woodley showed us her garden in a video, she grows lots of vegetables.