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Supporting in the Classroom

Supporting in the Classroom


In practical classroom terms, Gifted and Talented children are likely to present themselves to teachers in one or another of three groups:


1.  Those whose outstanding ability is so evident (and in some cases linked with behaviours that cause difficulties in mixed-ability settings), that they force teachers to seek to develop specific strategies to cope with their high ability, even if there is no existing whole school policy.


2.  A much larger group of children with high levels of ability (the DfE suggests about 10% of a school’s cohort), who attain high levels of achievement and would specifically benefit from a school policy targeted on providing appropriately for Gifted and Talented children.


3.  Children with high levels of ability, who do not achieve at a high level and who are in danger of being missed by those seeking to provide appropriately for Gifted and Talented children.